Liz Galinovic

Feature writer, content writer, blogger.
Hi, I’m Liz Galinovic – writer of things. See below for an overview of my work, from magazine features and opinion pieces, to product copy and commercial blog content, and use the tabs above for more examples if you find you’re not convinced.

Good Or Shit: Travelling To Transylvania

About a week ago I found myself riding the night train from Budapest to Transylvania. It's pretty much the same route that Jonathan Harker took in Bram Stoker's Dracula. A work of fiction so effective the sense of foreboding is really hard to shake at night on a near-empty sleeper carriage with a conductor who has a habit of materialising out of thin air every time you pluck  up the courage to leave the cabin.  “Are you looking for the toilet?” he asks in his oily Transylvanian accent, smiling a

Under the spotlight: the art of weaving.

Under the spotlight: the art of weaving. The artisan weavers chat quietly to each other as they sit in pairs. They work in tandem, the Golden Chevron pattern of our Lombard rug creeping steadily up the loom. A craft and a complicated science, people have been weaving for thousands of years. Ambrish Bharti, one of our leading loom artisans, tries to explain how an intricate webbing of thread is artfully made into a rug.